Special offer for solopreneur healers with photographer Hallie Easley through April 2018


We’ll meet for a full day in our office in the East Village for a photo shoot, and build your brand together in real time! The exact deliverables will vary depending on your needs. Our goal is to take care of what you need to launch and breathe new life into your business immediately. We want to see results in your business soon after the big day.

Here’s an example of what you get in 1 day:

  • Photo shoot in the neighborhood

  • Visual Identity : Word mark logo (your business name font selection), color palette, fonts for your brand

  • SquareSpace website: We’ll set up your home page and as much as possible of your website + upload your new photos. If you already have a Squarespace site, we'll revamp it for you.

  • We'll work together to write your home page copy and consult with you on the copy tone for your brand

  • In the week following, we’ll send designed/branded images ready to upload to your social media pages

It all starts with a Brand Whispering session.

Brand Whispering Session

This one-hour strategic dive into your business stands alone – we give you insights you can use right away. It also glides seamlessly into Your Big Day.


Cost goes towards Your Big Day

Your Big Day

It's the perfect way to breathe new life into your business immediately. We can tailor this to create a new brand, a refresh, a personal brand, or a marketing campaign. 


Minus cost of Brand Whispering Session