If you're a coach, wellness practitioner, 1-person startup, performer, or any single-person or very small business or brand, you need and deserve a strategically driven brand identity and beautiful custom website. You shouldn't have to choose between a marketing consultant and a good designer, a content strategist and a branding expert. Maybe you are overwhelmed by all of these different roles and you aren't sure what they can do for you or which you need. 

My team and I believe your message is the most important thing. Your big idea -  the solid base from which all marketing stems. From there, the visual and written language we use to proclaim your message are key. With the right design and copy for your your target audience, future efforts in content strategy and digital marketing will serve you better and truly help you meet your goals. 

With our brand identity and website package you get just the right amount of strategy and creative, real tangible deliverables you can use, and a toolkit and platform for future marketing endeavors. Even if you don't know exactly what your big idea is yet, or need help clarifying it, we can work together to find and articulate it.




What do you stand for? (Or against?) What is your big message for the world? Everybody has one. If you aren't sure, we'll figure it out. If you know, we will refine it and articulate it so it's uniquely yours – so you stand out in the marketplace.


What are your business goals? We'll check in on these too -determine and refine, so that all the work we do aims to meet specific business and financial goals. 

how it works

We start with a 1.5 hour meeting (or phone call) where you talk to me about your business hopes and dreams, what it all means, and I listen and ask questions.

At our next call,  I present you with a strategy for your brand based on our first conversation, broken down by:


Brand Identity


Based on our strategic work, it's time to develop the language for your business, both visual and written. Here we will determine the best way to proclaim your unique message to the world and meet your business goals.


We send you four logo sketches to choose from. We refine the selected logo and give you up to three rounds of revisions.


We work together on the style of your copy through a series of emails back and forth, which you will ultimately write. We can also bring in a copywriter if you wish.


We give you a library for future designs, presentations, and social content.

  • Brand typefaces and style guide
  • Color palette
  • Up to 5 icons
  • Up to 3 additional graphic elements
  • 3-5 selected stock images or illustrations that fit your budget, OR consulting on selecting a photographer or illustrator who fits your budget
  • Guideline for selecting photography and illustration



Using our newborn brand identity, we will create and develop a custom SquareSpace site for you. The back end will be easy for you to maintain while the look is uniquely yours. We start with a template and make customizations to suit your brand and content.

  • We determine the best way to tell your story on the site - what content should go where?
  • We think in terms of user experience and end goal. What do we want the user to do, ultimately? We design strategically to lead them to that action. 

stationery & collateral

  • Business card & letterhead
  • One additional piece of collateral of your choice. Custom Moleskine notebook, anyone?

email template

  • Design and customize one email template in Mailchimp
  • Help you strategize your email launch and first four emails

Strategy, Brand Identity & Design Package

Timelines, deliverables, and payment schedule are customizable to you.
Book your free phone consult to discuss options in detail.



Once you have a solid brand identity and website, it's time for marketing. Tech companies are making it easier every day for small businesses to complete in the same playground with big ones. But you have to have the right strategy and creative.




We are back to strategy. Who are we talking to? What are you offering? What are the higher level emotional benefits of working with you, beyond just your product? We will talk through and answer these questions, and develop a messaging plan for your marketing.


We figure out the nitty gritty. Who should we target and via what platforms? We determine which social and advertising platforms are right for your brand and what kinds of marketing will speak to your target.





A great ad is a great ad whether it's a tiny banner or a giant newspaper spread. We believe in good advertising and we believe it hasn't changed as much as people think. We use our most powerful creative tools–beauty, humor, surprise, great design–to develop campaigns with integrity, that work. Then we help you determine and allocate your advertising budget across the selected platforms.

a sampling of deliverables

Each project is customized for you depending on your target, strategy, and business goals. Here is a sampling of things we might conceptualize as part of a marketing campaign:

  • Google Adwords / Banner campaign
  • Targeted ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram

  • PR campaign strategy

  • Guerilla / public performance concept

  • Video / TV ideas, scripts

  • Content campaign: entertainment as marketing

  • Email marketing




One of the greatest things about digital marketing is the ability to measure and test. We will launch your campaigns and then go over the reports. This will give us a sense of which creative executions are performing best and where to allocate the budget for the next phase.



Timelines and deliverables are customizable to you.
Book your free phone consult to discuss options in detail.


Strategy, Brand Identity & Website Package


Payable in four monthly payments while we create your strategically driven brand identity and website.

Digital Marketing Package


Payable in two monthly payments while we work on your digital marketing project.

Note: you will need a monthly budget for advertising fees to Google, Facebook, etc. The amount can be as low as $200/month and depends on your business and sales targets.

Both Packages Together


Save $950. Payable in six monthly payments while we work on your branding, website and marketing campaign.




We are passionate about working with both services, and products!
Our food clients like Hawthorne Valley Farm and Ruby Rockets rely on us to keep their packaging beautiful and products leaping off the shelves. 




With any food product, it's important to do a complete audit of the competition and strategize your place on the store shelves. How do you fit in, and how well do you stand out? We will fully research this and map it out for you.


Next, we strategize the hierarchy of information. Which pieces of information on the packaging are most important and which are not important? We have our eye on food and health trends - what consumers are looking for on a label and how that is changing from year to year. 





Per our strategic findings, we design your packaging. No cheap or free fonts or stock illustration. We relish this creative process and love to collaborate wth our clients on the artistic side. We work with bespoke custom illustration and lettering when appropriate. The goal is a strategically compelling and beautiful product that leaps off the shelves.


In some cases, the packaging redesign may lead to needing changes to your overall branding. We may make a slight tweak to your logo for the packaging, for example, if we are not also engaged in a rebranding project.




We can work with your vendors, or recommend printing companies we like. We will work with the vendor directly to put designs into their templates and provide files per the specs they require.

 non-custom packaging

We can also help you choose pre-made packaging and labeling materials if you are not printing directly on custom packaging.


Packaging strategy, design and production

Timelines, payment plan and exact deliverables are customizable to you.
Book your free phone consult to discuss options in detail.





I love meeting new people. Tell me all about your business and let's get to know each other. I can walk you through the packages in detail and answer any questions. And, we are open to making edits and customizations to packages to fit your needs.