It's time to be your brand in the real world.
And then, tell everyone.

You have a brand. It lives on your website, on your social media accounts, and in your marketing campaigns.

But what are you doing to truly live your brand's message in the real world?

What actions are you taking as a business to spread your message?

I can help you create truly integrated campaigns around a real-world action. Your competitors are trying appear "authentic" through words and pictures. This only goes so far. When you center your marketing around a real action, attention-getting potential increases exponentially!

What do I mean by a "real action"? In short, you DO something. The test is to imagine what someone would say. "Did you hear? Company –––– did –––– !" People don't talk about a web banner or a stock photo. But they might talk about what you do. It could be as big as producing a musical or as small as producing a cool sticker. 

It's time to take your brand to the next level in the real world through actions, big or small, and get people talking about your business.

Here are a few examples of easy ways my collaborators and I have helped our clients do things a little differently.


"Check out EDHEC – they made a card game!"  –Career Fair Attendee
EDHEC International Business School

Recruiters in top financial firms and consumer goods conglomerations don't have much fun in their jobs. So we made them a real card game for EDHEC to take to events, where others would offer trifold brochures and useless tchotchkes. This is a printed communication, but it's also an action people notice and want to talk about.

"A Russian theater company has taken over the neighborhood with mustaches!"
–East Village Resident

The Gogol Project

Just ahead of the curve on the mustache trend, we did a mustache campaign for the Gogol Project – a theater festival celebrating Nikolai Gogol's 200th birthday. Bartenders in the East Village wore mustaches and gave out branded coasters. Friends mustached their profile photos on Facebook. Stickers mustached billboards in the city. And, performance artists appeared in Bryant Part for fashion week straight from Russia, a bit confused, with cards to hand out. We made Bill Cunningham's Sunday Styles. Studio Six Theater Company embodied who they are with an integrated campaign around real world actions instead of the same old postcard routine.


"Here are some cool sunglasses stickers! Put them on these clementines while I pack the rest of the lunches." –Parent to Kid

 Ruby Rockets

We encouraged the community to make their fruits and veggies cool with sunglasses stickers, to photograph, post and tag us in. Then we created Veggies and Fruits Made Cool, a whole campaign for trade show materials and digital advertising. A printed communication that asks users to do something and ties in with social media is an easy action worthy of attention.


"Omg I just got this easter egg from an egg freezing clinic. Hilarious." –Pinterest employee to friend on lunch break


We helped Spring Fertility be their brand in the world with a special springtime campaign. Ambassadors embodying the intelligence and confidence of the Spring brand handed out easter eggs containing a link to a free test (and some easter candy of course). Working with brand ambassadors is a great way to be your brand in the world. 

gwowcard copy.jpg

"Friends, please take a moment to submit a wish or prayer to this art piece being created by IATI theater" - FB share

A Girl Without Wings

An interactive social campaign brought anonymous wishes from the community into an art art installation, promoting a Peruvian play about a girl with big dreams. Integrating a real world art piece makes content that's much more compelling to talk about and share online than a regular promotional post.

Authentic brands live their message in the real world. It's truly satisfying to be your brand through a unique, tangible action – big or small. And with the right integration, a small action can reach far and wide.