a beautiful farm and so much more

Hawthorne Valley Farm is as idyllic and quintessential as they come with its rolling pastures and lovely community. At the same time, their practices, culture and philosophy are incredibly unique. We wanted to capture the quaint simplicity of this closed-loop farm while suggesting the depth and layers of all they do. The picturesque landscape logo stands in contrast to the tagline: Unconventional By Nature. Three layers of soil represent a three part approach: Soil, Soul & Society. And in the sky, what appears to be the sun just might also represent the moon, whose cycle is central to Hawthorne's Biodynamic farming practices.


brand guideline




a family of products

We created different looks for the kraut, bakery, and dairy products that all live under the Hawthorne brand. We made templates so the internal team can easily add new products and change text as needed.

 overview: what we did for HAWTHORNE VALLEY

  • Brand strategy

  • Tagline development

  • Brand Identity: Logo, typography, color palette

  • Flexible identity system to cover different initiatives within the organization

  • Packaging templates for dairy, bakery, and kraut products