a private practitioner to a premium studio

Mona came to us with a tired old website: Mona Egan Massage Therapy. She hated the colors, the copy, the photos, everything. Her massage studio in a converted mill in Providence is gorgeous and beautifully decorated. Mona has amazing taste and was so ready to infuse her unique style into her brand online. She was also starting to bring more massage therapists into her practice. We created a brand for Mona that meets the premium level of her business, her space, her employees, and her clients.


    a self-proclaimed massage junkie

    We created a memorable name and messaging that speaks to Mona's edgy personality as a self-proclaimed massage junkie. Mona wants her clients to feel wonderful, and that means giving themselves permission to indulge in regular massages. Be addicted to massage - it's a memorable message, and good for business.



      a flexible identity

      The FIX identity lends itself to flexibility and play. For example, FIXmates are Mona's employees. And we place different illustrations between the brackets as needed to highlight different aspects of the service, or just for fun. 


      overview: what we did for mona

      • Brand strategy
      • Naming, tagline, messaging copy
      • Brand Identity: Logo, typography, color palette
      • Responsive website (Squarespace)
      • Stationery design & production
      • Consulting on interior & portrait photography