a movement

Ruthie Fraser was looking to go bigger and bolder. Her Structural Integration practice was previously called Conscious Body, which appealed to her yoga-loving audience. But her services also appealed to a larger audience and she needed a brand to match, to reach out to a larger community for both her private practice and her video library. Most importantly, Ruthie felt a deep need to help as many people as possible with a wider reach and an inspiring brand. 


    a flexible mark

    We created this monogram that works as a stamp or a graphic element on the page.


    organizing information

    We needed to communicate a lot of information and services in a clear way. We created a custom site (before Squarespace was amazing) that breaks down Ruthie's offerings in a way that's clear and easy on the eyes.


    decompressing the world

    A custom design and color system for Ruthie's video library so her clients can sort and access her unique exercises worldwide.


    a flexible mark

    The DP monogram works as a stamp or a graphic element on the page.


    We designed a unique look to differentiate the blog from the rest of the site. 

    overview: what we did for RUTHIE

    • Consulting on brand strategy, naming, and messaging
    • Tagline development
    • Brand Identity: Logo, typography, color palette
    • Custom website
    • Stationery