The Blue Wave Goddesses


Our collective intentions are incredibly powerful. Let’s create art together infused with the intention of flipping the state of our choice this November. Light a candle and create what the words Blue Wave Goddess inspire for you. Use your power of intention, your rituals, your crystals! All media welcome. I’ll post it here in the gallery and on Instagram for all of us to enjoy and share. Kids invited too. When you submit artwork, you are part of the Blue Wave Goddesses for life. Email art to:



Electing new majorities in key states (aka flipping states) will change our country, and it requires relatively little money. When we can SEE the impact of our power, it burns hotter. Let’s come together and experience what direct impact feels like, practice and grow our power beyond our wildest dreams by funding state level candidates. We have created a Giving Circle with an ambitious goal. You can learn all about exactly how it works and why it’s so important at Future Now. When we reach our goal, we will vote on what state to fund. When you donate, you are part of the Blue Wave Goddesses for life.