We are a branding studio for health and wellness entrepreneurs.
We build brands that rise above the trendy stuff.


We love the wellness boom and its power to change the world. But as this industry grows, it's getting harder to stand out – and we HATE seeing our favorite small business owners get overshadowed by flashy new brands.

You're an expert (coach, doctor, body worker, healer, therapist, nutritionist, trainer, doula, the list goes on!) with a calling to help humans and the planet. We want to help you rise to the top and stand out in a way that feels effortless and timeless. Your brand will be uniquely and strategically crafted for you, with original artwork and legit typography. 

Design is an important part of the process and there's so much more. Our clients gain confidence in their expert status, raise their rates, and increase profitability.




While working on big campaigns for behemoth corporations, founder Evan M. Sargent has been astounded, amazed, amused, and grateful to be part of the incredible strategic thinking and creative magic that happens behind agency doors. For a long time, she dreamed of bringing that kind of work to smaller companies and organizations.

Then, she realized a lot of it was crap that small businesses don't really need or have time for.

Since then, Evan has honed a process that takes only the best and most necessary parts of the strategy and creative that big brands get, mixed with a get-it-done spirit and a deep understanding of what small businesses and entrepreneurs actually need to build strong brands, reach their goals, and thrive.



We love to collaborate with our awesome network.


Are you ready to build a brand that rises above the trendy stuff?